Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Is anyone else hooked to Sudoku? Since my job isn't incedibly busy or mind-challenging, I try to keep my mind busy. I try to read, stay up on current events, etc. I've heard that playing this game helps your logic. My grandmother who was recently widowed and is usually homebound has played Sudoku for about a year. I know it's one thing that can help keep her mind sharp. For my b-day I was given a book of the puzzles on easy level, and I'm really enjoying it! Who would have thought that a game dealing with the numbers 1-9 would be so addicting and popular? Give it a try here. You can do it online or print off free puzzles or a free puzzle book.


Alicia said...

I was hooked on sudoku for awhile until I had a child, that is! I did like it and I still have a sudoku book for dummies on my shelf.

When I do get extra time to sharpen my mind I usually choose to read or do a crossword puzzle. I think crossword puzzles are great to expand your vocabulary and keep your brain working.

Jen said...

Yeah it seems like a lot of people are picking it up. I still haven't tried it yet - sounds fun.

Katie said...

I tried my hand at Sudoku on the way to Scotland. They had some puzzles in the back of the airline's magazine. I even bought a little Sudoku booklet in the airport on the way back. But, I was only good at the easy one. I liked it though.

pamela s said...

Alicia - It's nice to be able to do something challenging every once in awhile. My vocab is way too limited to do crossword puzzles.
Jen - You should give it a try. Most newspapers have them, or try the website - it's free!
Katie - I think I have quite a bit to go before I leave the beginner ones behind.

Carrie said...

I really loved Soduko right before I had Titus, I couldn't get enough of them but then Titus came along and who has time with two kids :) Actually it kind of passed like a fad - I found other things to do but they are fun still every once in a while.