Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Geoff & I went to the polls this morning around 7:10 am to beat the lines, and so Geoff could get to work on time. Boy, am I glad to see this day come! Anyone else tired of the TV ads, radio ads, answering machine messages, and piles of junk mail? I am very thankful though that we are able to exercise voting abilities. Not something to be taken for granted!
Funny note: Although, I have been a resident of PA for over 3 years, and have registered to vote in this state, yesterday, I received mail from a candidate of CO!
I was so disappointed that our voting booth does not give out stickers, does yours?


Alicia said...

I plan to vote this afternoon - I'll let you know about the stickers. There's been a big deal made about electronic voting machines being used in our state. I wonder if I get to use a new fangled voting device! :)

I am tired of feeling silly answering the phone with a few hellos and finding that I'm talking to a recording . . .

Carrie said...

Yes we got stickers - Caleb too and they would have given one to Titus except I told them he would just eat it!

Karen said...

yup, we got stickers...
ugh, i was glad to be done hearing all the campaigning garbage!

pamela s said...

The last recording we got must have been used a lot! The lady was slurring her words so badly we thought she was inebriated! Our electronic voting machine was super easy.

Glad you were able to go out together!

I know what you mean about the ads - could they get any worse. We'll probably find out pretty soon with the presidential elections getting underway!