Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quick Round-Up

Our Thanksgiving weekend was nice and long. On Thursday, we headed to Geoff's grandmother's house. This lady had 8 children, and 6 of them and their spouses and children came over for dinner or dessert. So, it was a full house and lots of fun. This family is quite boisterous compared to mine, so that took some getting used to, but every time we get together we have such a good time eating yummy food and talking.
On Friday, I headed out the door around 7:40 or so to the mall. I've never done the mall on Black Friday, but it didn't seem much different than a regular Saturday, so it was fine. I found some good deals, and put a dent into my Christmas shopping. I'm sorta in denial that Christmas is coming. It seems too soon!
That afternoon I took a much needed nap, and then I seemed to sleep the rest of the weekend away. On Saturday, I didn't feel too well, so I laid around all day. On Sunday afternoon, I told myself not to fall asleep so I could sleep well that night. Yeah, right. Konked out on the couch for 2 hours, but thankfully slept very well that night too. YEAH!! I'm just glad this hit me during this weekend where I don't have to use sick days. :)
I'm putting together wreaths to hang on my windows outside on my home. I'm so excited about them. I'll definitely will post a pic when they're done.
Other than the same old, same old, we're hanging in there. Geoff is feverishly working on his last couple papers. In 2 weeks the semester will be over! Only one more to go!!! I'm so pumped about this! I was talking to my dad last week telling him that I was glad that these 5 years of seminary are almost done. He didn't believe me that it was going to be 5 years. I said, "Dad, believe me, it's been 5 years!" :) I'm already starting to plan a big bash of a party. I'm thinking a pig roast, but we'll see how empty our wallett looks when we get closer to the end. It probably wouldn't look too nice on the invitation to have everyone chip in $5 for their meal. :)


Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. Wow, 5 years of seminary almost done! That will be quite the celebration! Beleive me, we are going to have a big party when Heston graduates this May as well.

Michael & Jennifer said...

Pam, you crack me up. $5 for the meal! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving...probably 7:40 is a good time to go shopping on Friday. The horrible crowds from 4:30 wouldbe gone by then...hmm. Maybe next year.

pamela s said...

Kelli, I know exactly how you feel! It'll be such a relief to pay that last month's payment. Can't wait!
Jenny, Do you think a donations/tips cup would be too impolite?? :) 4:30 am & I do not get along. I still got quite a few good deals, & no pushing, shoving, or fighting.

Alicia said...

AMEN about being almost done! We're in the same boat with Matt's ph.d. Though next semester will be his last of official coursework and then after that he has to tackle his dissertation. We're counting down the days to the end of this semester - it's been a doozy for us. Hang in there!

Katie said...

Can you believe your baby sister is going to be 17 this? I'm super excited! Robbie, Billy and Leah and I are going to Starbucks and they;re possible going to come over for my bday dinner. :D 5 bucks, cmon how bout 10? thats a better deal for pig roast! :D I'm actually writing something on my blog! Be proud!