Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WFMW: Christmas Edition - Easy Wreaths

This week at Rocks In My Dryer, Shannon is featuring WFMW with all Christmas Ideas. Check it out!
My ideas is pretty simple, so anyone can do it. I've learned it from my Home & Garden Party designer training meetings. Persoally, I love floral and greenery in my home. My living room is decorated in burgundy poinsettias and Christmas greens during the holidays. I also love the look of a beautiful wreath on the front door of my home. It's so inviting for all of our guests and gives them a taste of what we have decorated indoors.

In order to create a beautiful wreath, you don't need to mess with a glue gun, wire cutters, and mounds of silk flowers & greenery. Simply take a Christmas swag, grapevine wreath, and a couple zip ties (found at any local hardware store or Wal-Mart). Arrange your swag on your wreath any way you choose - across the top, on a side or the bottom, and use 2-3 zip ties to hold it in place. You can add a bow or ribbon if you choose. Voila! A beautiful and easy wreath!

This is so easy, that you could change your front door's wreath seasonally with a new swag every couple of months. Just cut the zip ties & attach the new swag with 2 more zip ties.

One other option for a fuller wreath is to just add an additional swag (or swags), and cover the grapevine wreath completely. Some people like to lay down the evergreen swag first, and then layer anther type of Christmas swag with color on top. Your choices are endless!

Works for me!


Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

I think you should post pictures of your decorated home. It sounds nice. I could use some help. :)

Lines From The Vine said...

You have a beatiful site!

Thanks for the easy wreath idea!


Jenn said...

I could actually do this!

Larae said...

Great tip, thanks so much for sharing! =)