Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Poll

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I've posted a new poll about Thanksgiving foods. Which are your favorite. If it's not listed, leave a comment!
Mine personally is not listed because it's not very common. My mom makes Egg Nog Jello for Thanksgiving, it's not just jello; it's more like a thick pudding, and delicious! There actually isn't any egg nog in it, but there's vanilla pudding, lemon jello, & nutmeg. I made it for Geoff's family one Thanksgiving, and didn't go over very well, but that was fine with me. I ate a bowl every night for 3-4 nights. Yum!


Alicia said...

You're going to have to pass on that recipe to me! I have to try such an interesting sounding pudding for myself. :)

My favorite thanksgiving entree is sweet potato casserole. Not the stuff with marshmallow creme but with lots of butter, pecans, brown sugar. YUM!

Michael & Jennifer said...

I love it when my favorites are NOT loved by all!

pamela s said...

I'm not a sweet pot. fan. But, with pecans, I might like it.
I'll post my recipe as soon as I dig it out this week. :)