Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Frivolities

This week has been extremely boring, but here's a little survey to get ready for the weekend. I think I'm in the mood for some shopping.

What are the 3 most frivolous things you have ever bought?
Ok, I'm a cheapskate, so I rarely ever buy something unnecessary, but there have been a couple things.

1. Pink flip-flops with little pink silk flowers attached to the top of the sandals. Too cute & only $2.
2. I LOVE donuts, but they're sooo bad for us, so that's definitely a treat. I saw a "As Seen On TV" donut pan, where you BAKE. Well it was $20, so I decided to pass, but when I saw it on clearance at another store for $8, yup, I got it. Of course, they don't really taste like fried donuts, but more like muffins. Glad I didn't spend $20! I should search around the net to see if I can find a better recipe. Hmmmm.
3. Growing up, every time my mom would take us to the craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby, I HAD to go down the aisle with the dollhouse kits. I loved to dream how I would build one & decorate it, etc. Well, after I was married & realized my hubby would be spending more time on school work than with me, I decided to search e-bay for a dollhouse kit. Found one relatively cheap & bought it. It didn't take long to realize that this would be a long and arduous process. Painting each piece & gluing it. Waiting for the paint to dry before the glue process. Waiting for the glue to dry before the next step. Yeah, it's still in pieces in a bin in a closet. That was pretty frivolous. Someday I'll finish it . . .


TwoMuths said...

Pam, I'm too overwhelmed by my own list of frivolous purchases to narrow it down to answer this question...I just had to comment that even in your frivolity, you are frugal! Good for you!!

pamela s said...

Yeah, I realized that when I proofread it. Guess it shows my weakness. Whenever I see something good on clearance, I think I should buy it. Geoff's helped me out there. :) He's a cheapskate too! ;)

Alicia said...

I'm with Jenny, I can't immediately think of just 3 frivolous purchases either. Though most of the frivolous stuff I pick up is from yard sales or thrift stores. Praise God for hubbies who keep us in check! My Matt has helped me learn to get rid of things I don't need or use.