Saturday, March 03, 2007

Leadership Conf. 2007

During the last week of February, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary usually holds its annual Leadership Conference. This year there was a surprise blessing for Geoff. At NBBC, Geoff worked on the Maintenance/Snow Crew and on the Nehemiah Work Team (helping churches with free manual labor). Most of the guys he worked with on campus were also on the Nehemiah Team, so these guys became very close friends. When you worked with these guys, you usually were given a nickname, and I think they forgot each other's given names many times. :) After college, like many guys, they sort of lost touch-a phone call or e-mail here or there.

The week before the conference, Fuzz (Andrew) called, and said he was heading down to the conference unless his wife who was 8 months pregnant gave birth. Geoff was pumped! On Saturday before the conference Smurf (Tim) e-mailed. He wasn't sure if we still lived near Calvary or not, but wanted to see if Geoff would be at the conference because he was coming too. Now, Geoff was very excited. On the opening night, we walked in & there was another guy from the Maintenance Crew, John! While we were looking at the exhibits, lo & behold, a fifth guy, Oddball, was there. So needless to say Geoff was on cloud nine. I was so glad to see how the Lord orchestrated them to all be here during this time & just encourage each other and have fun. Before going their separate ways, each vowed to stay in touch better. :)

G-off, Ball, Fuzz, & Smurf

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