Friday, March 02, 2007


Are you a fake? :)

1. Do you dye your hair, wear colored lenses, nails? Occasionally I will dye my hair or do highlights. Nothing too drastic though, but I'm thinking about it. Don't need contacts or glasses, and only did tips for my fingernails for my wedding. Those were a pain to get taken off though; I'm not that high maintenance to keep it up. :)

2. Real or fake plants? For gifts & weddings - go REAL!! Around my house I have a TON of silk flowers & ivy garlands. Usually if I bring something real inside, it dies. I have two cases sitting on my kitchen counter proving this point.

3. Real or fake gems for everyday? My wedding ring is real & I wear that everyday. I guess depends on how much the gem is worth. Not that I have anything too costly, but I tend to wear my nicer things on Sunday to church.

4. Big Foot, real or fake? It's a toss up. I'm leaning to fake, but who really knows!! (and honestly I don't really care-I'm sure I'd change my mind if I came face to face with him though!)

5. The Loch Ness monster, real or fake? Real. I think I saw pics that showed it in Japan or something. Maybe it's my imagination.

6. Other life forms in our universe, real or fake? Fake. I thing God would have mentioned it in the Creation account. Just my humble opinion.


Shyla said...

1. Do you dye your hair, wear colored lenses, nails? I highlight my hair -- however, i just recently went back to my natural hair color and that is the first time my whole head was dyed.

2. Real or fake plants? I love real flower arragements on my table every once in awhile, but i woul dhave to say other than that, i need to stick to the silk so everything stays alive looking.

3. Real or fake gems for everyday? It's a toss up. I LOVE jewelry but my everyday i guess are real (wedding rings, and a ring nathan bought me last year.) Come to think of it, i was the costume jewelry queen until i met nathan! Thank goodness for a man with an eye for bling! :)

4. Big Foot, real or fake? doesn't he play for the lakers?? :)

5. The Loch Ness monster, real or fake? who knows.

6. Other life forms in our universe, real or fake? Well, a legislator in Florida made a motion to remove the phrase illegal alien from their laws b/c she thought that the ter m"alien" was offensive and referred negatively on space creatures! HA! Who knows...maybe there are (in government!)

pamela s said...

Shyla, LOL at Nathan's eye for bling. Lucky girl! :)

nate, christina, and connor said...

1. yeah, i did highlights for a while, but after connor i went back to one color b/c it's cheaper. :) i like to paint my nails when they're long--which is pretty much only summer and in florida. :)

2. i have a little bit of flowers outside, but if they were inside i'm sure they'd be dead. in fact i don't have any plants around the house either. just out in the front yard when it's nice.

3. hmm....everyday? i definitely wear my real stuff everyday. my wedding ring, a ring my dad gave my mom in h.s., and my diamond earings. on sunday i break out the $3.99 kohl's special...bracelets and necklaces galore.

4. big foot? not in my family.

5. nessie? totally real. i AM scottish though.

6. maybe just weirdos like shyla mentioned....sheesh!