Wednesday, March 21, 2007

War of Special Forces

I guess now that I've updated my blog with this new template, I should post something. :) Things are going well & busy here in our part of PA.
Last week, our church held the "War of Special Forces" with Evangelist Van Gelderen, his family, and his team. The Youth Group LOVED it! It was so encouraging to see them not only excited about how fun the games were, but how exciting God is. We saw a nice burst of spiritual growth during that week. During Mon-Fri, the team was scheduled to be in the school's chapel times, and then Wed-Fri with the Youth Group with an outreach emphasis. To be honest, Geoff & I were skeptical at first. The three college-aged team captains were nice guys, but a little on the - I'm trying to be nice-let's just say - average Joe type guys. There wasn't anything really magnetic about their personality, and boy, were their jokes cheesy! But, the Youth Group warmed up to them so quickly, and participated in everything wholeheartedly!
On Wed. it was 75* & beautiful, Thurs. 45* & downpouring rain (they were drenched and covered in mud!), and Friday 6-8 inches of solid ice fell. Surprisingly, they didn't cancel Friday night, but Geoff & I did not brave the ugly weather. Only about 30-40 kids (compared to the 120-150 we had earlier) could come. After the shortenend time together, the Youth Group wanted to stay & pray for their peers. From the reports I heard, it was amazing. The kids really searched God's will for their lives & were challenging others. What a great encouragement!
The neat thing is that the team will be in the area this weekend, and offered to come on Saturday (usally their day off) to hold an extra day so that we can officially close the War. All throughout the church hallways, you could hear the teens talking about it. So, we're pumped for this weekend!


Anne said...

My friend Rebecca L. is a teacher at Upper Bucks and was telling your Sunday School class about it... what God could do with teens that are sold out for Him!

Anne said...

Oops... *our* not *your*:o)

pamela s said...

What a small world! It's been great to see our Youth Group grow & matrure in the Lord. The Seniors really seem to desire to see God work in their lives. What a blessing!