Monday, March 26, 2007

Expensive Weekend

This weekend was filled with Geoff reading & preparing for projects as the semester starts winding down, and with me deep cleaning my bedroom & bathroom along with some other little things & a little rest. Well, that was Saturday morning.
Saturday evening we headed to church for our Youth Group get together. While Geoff was driving, I mentioned to him that on my way to Curves that morning I felt like we had a flat tire because there was scary vibrations & a thumping noise, but it went away after 20-30 seconds. We've known since last fall that one of our wheels needed a new bearing. It was detiorating & making a lot of road noise-it just sounded like wind noise, no biggie. This wasn't anything we couldn't talk over, so we just put it off until maybe this summer. Last week it seemed like the noise was louder, so we knew that the repair would HAVE to be done this summer. Well, as Geoff was driving on Saturday night, all the sudden we were vibrating like crazy & metal noises were being heard, and holy cow it was a little freaky!! He slowed down & then the metal noises & vibrato disappeared.
Ok, now we feel like we're taking our lives into our hands now as we drive/ride in this car. So, it was decided that we would fix it Sunday afternoon. Well, after 2 trips to the auto shop, one futile trip to a hardware store, and $200 later, we have a quiet smooth riding car again.
First of all, praise the Lord we were safe, and praise Him for giving my hubby the brains & brawn to fix it. I sat in my chair, read the instructions, watched him, and snoozed a little. :) And, second, I'm so glad that we didn't spend that money in vain only to find out that it was something else that needed repair.

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