Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Secret Message Revealed

Yup,we have a bun in the oven. :) We placed the below pic out at Geoff's party. It was so funny watching people's reactions as it clicked at what they were looking at. We were surpised at how many people had not heard of the expression "there's a bun in the oven." We took that pic the night before the party at 9-10pm at night. We'd been out all day with my parents and I was running on 5-6 hours of sleep. I was so sick of getting that party together, I didn't really feel like caring anymore, and Geoff didn't have the patience to try again for the 15th time. Hopefully future ones will look better!

Here are the FAQs that we have gotten so far.

When are you due? November 19th - the week of Thanksgiving. I'm 14 weeks along, just into the 2nd trimester.

Are you finding out the sex? That's up in the air right now. We have until around the 4th of July to decide. Personally, I adamantly do NOT want to know - I love to be surprised. Geoff, on the other hand, desperately wants to know. I came up with a little compromise. Maybe we could have the ultrasound tech write it down & place it in an envelope. I'll hide it in our house, and if he finds it, then we'll know. If not, then we'll be surprised. You can bet I will be hiding that envelope once every couple days. :)

Are you excited? Ummm. . . I'm getting there. Yes, this was planned. Last fall, when we first were trying to conceive, I became pregnant. We were extremely excited. I had the morning/all-day sickness, and things seemed to be progessing. At the first dr.'s appointment, they always do an ultrasound to make sure everything is healthy. The dr. informed us that our pregnancy wasn't healthy, and that my body hadn't realized that I had miscarried weeks before. The shock of that took over. We had to go to the hospital to have a D & E done, and deal with all the emotions on top of getting through the Christmas season.
Since the dr. gave a us a go-ahead, we decided to try again. So many thoughts about whether we would be able to have a family or not filled my head.
But, the Lord blessed, and allowed us to get pregnant again quickly. The first appointment, boy was I a nervous wreck, but we only heard good news, and saw our little bean. The second appointment went smoothly, and we got to hear the heartbeat again. Praise the Lord! So, now that the 2nd trimester has come, Geoff & I are allowing ourselves to be joyful and less reserved.

Any symptoms/cravings? Yup. Morning sickness-mostly nausea until the magic time of 12:00 pm. That's slowly fading away now. The Big C - gotta love Colace!
Cravings - Doritos, Turkey subs from Subway, and vanilla milkshakes. Yum, yum! (well, for now) Aversions - chocolate & sweets (extremely strange for me!)


Kelli said...

Well, Congratulations again! Praise the Lord for giving you a healthy pregnancy. We will continue to pray! You will be a sweet and wonderful mother. What part of PA do you live in? We are moving to PA at the end of June. Congrats again!!

Shannon Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Yo! Sup?
Please email me the picture so that we can print it off.

Kelly Glupker said...

I had no idea you miscarried last fall. I am so happy the Lord has blessed again. I can totally relate to your nervous feelings. I felt GREAT when I got out of the "scary" first trimester. About finding out the gender - my cousin just had a baby a couple weeks ago. Her husband wanted to know and she didn't. So they made a deal. He could find out but couldn't tell a single soul. And he did. The ultrasound tech informed him and she had no idea until she gave birth. Isn't that crazy? It would drive me nuts to think Ben knew and I didn't - but hey - it worked for them so maybe it's an option for you too.
Congrats again!

Ben and Carissa said...

yipppeeee!!! We are sooo happy for you guys. Congratulations! I love the bun... only you would think of something so cute.

Carrie said...

Thanks for all the extra info. Mike says he will go out for milkshakes anytime with you - he is such a fan. I on the other hand do not care for ice cream/ milkshakes and such.

nate, christina, and connor said...

cool idea to hide the envelope. that would be the ultimate treasure hunt. :)

Karen said...

O, congratulations, Pam! How difficult the miscarriage must have been, and how thrilled you obviously are now! And what a cute idea for a secret message. :)

Alicia said...

Pam, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! I know a lot of women who have gone through that . . .God is so good to get you guys pregnant again so quickly so you didn't wallow in grieving.

GREAT idea about the envelope! I wonder if you'll change your mind about finding out the gender as the ultrasound looms closer . . .

What is colace?

How weird that you don't want to eat chocolate/sweets! I've always heard/thought that cravings were God's way of telling you what your pregnant body needs most. I guess my body needs nutella and cheerios. :)

pamela s said...

Thanks, girls I really appreciate your comments!

Kelly, we didn't tell anyone we were pregnant, so we only told family and a couple friends about the miscarriage.

Alicia, Colace is an over counter med that helps fight constipation. :)

Abby Turner said...

Pam - I came upon your blog from Shannon Conley's I think - but not sure if you remember me from NBBC (Abby Sokul then). Congratulations on your little one! We are expecting too and due in a few weeks. We also miscarried twins 2 years ago, and it was rough, but God definitely saw fit to get us through and carry our burden. He has blessed us with a wonderful pregnancy and a little boy that I can't wait to meet. I HAD to find out the sex - as soon as we found out we were pregnant i wanted to know! Best wishes and we'll be praying for you :-)

pamela s said...

Abby, Yup, I remember you!! You look so cute preggo! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see little Elijah. :)

Abby Turner said...

THanks - I'm feeling more HUGE than cute! He'll be here anytime, thankfully!!