Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How Friendly Are You?

Geoff's 10 Year High School Reunion is coming up in a couple weeks. Remember back then when you thought that all those buddies of yours that you hung around, sat with in classes & lunch, went to games with, were on the team with, etc. would be your friend FOREVER? Now, think back, can you even name them all? I'm embarrassed because I went to a small school with a large graduating class of 21 students, and it would take me awhile to name them all.
Here's a little survey - how well did you do?

1. Are you as close to your friends from school days now as you were then? Depends on "school days." From high school - I have kept close contact to no one. My closer friends moved across the country & we went to different colleges, so that did not help. From college - I've done much better. During my sophomore year, I was in Trailer 5, and thanks to e-mail most of us keep in very good touch and are apart of each other's lives.

2. Do you tend to have a large group of friends or a small group of VERY close friends? Many acquaintances and a small group of very good friends.

3. Are there friends from days gone by that you wish were still in your life? There are people I wonder where they are & how they are doing, but if we got together, I'm not sure we would have anything in common anymore.

4. How do you handle it when good friends move, or you move, away? Accept it, because you can't change it. Thank goodness we have the post office, phones, e-mail, blogs, & Facebook. There really isn't any excuse now not to keep in touch with a good friend. Doesn't mean that your friendship will stay as close as it was, but it also doesn't mean you can't get closer!

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Karen said...

1. High school--nope! There's just one person I keep in touch with, and even that is sparse. College--somewhat.

2. I have lots of "buddies" and a small group of close friends.

3. I'm with you here...probably wouldn't have much to talk about with most of them anymore.

4. I do okay...I find that those I'm truly knit with, stay knit no matter what.