Monday, July 02, 2007

Preggo Update - 20th Week

I'm trying to do these updates occasionally, so that for future pregnancies, Lord willing, I can look back and compare. :) Feel free to skip because it might get boring.

Half way through the 40 weeks! Yay!! Our ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3rd. I'm not finding out the gender, but Geoff might if he can. I'm hoping to have the ultrasound tech just write it down & give it to him. I'm praying that our baby is just like us & very stubborn. :) The list of symptoms is growing. I feel like I've experienced everything listed in my books.

Week 19 - Acid reflux kept me up 1/2 the night. Ended up sleeping in the recliner. Also, I think the baby was on a nerve, because I had achiness in my joints on my left side that night too.

*Our baby either loves or hates music. When we have been at different graduation parties or weddings, every time music was playing, the bean was going to town with movements. Not sure if he wanted me to stop it or keep it going. :)

*Leg cramps in my calves have come and gone. Decided to do a little stretching before going to bed and it has helped.

*My belly is not huge. Still can't tell I'm preggo because my shirt covers it. Have started wearing maternity bottoms which have been comfortable. The belly extends from my belly button down, so it is low.

*The baby's heartbeat is steady at 160, so people have advised me that we're having a girl. :)

Week 18 - Forgetfulness has been terrible. I cannot remember people's names.

*I find it so hard to make a decision over anything - like what to make for dinner, what should I wear, how should I do the nursery, etc. I have trouble remembering people's names, and have been writing down everything at work to make sure I don't forget to do something.

*My energy level is high, and I have been cleaning and decluttering our house. I still need to tackle some more, but it feels good to stay up past 9 pm.

*Hormones are raging. I've bawled as I watch different sad tv shows. I tear up at pictures of babies I don't even know. I get extremely cranky at 10:31 pm. At 10:29, I'm fine, but after 10:30, I know I must go to bed or I will regret it.


Katie Lewis said...

You should try an experiment, for the music thing, put head phones to your belly see if it moves and when you take them off see what happens. Just try it, its just like the pepsi you tried on it.

Alicia said...

Thanks for the updates! Forget what people say about the heartbeat, that's craziness. Do you have the book what to expect when you're expecting? That was a great resource for me during our first pregnancy. It gives some practical ideas for coping through the various stages of pregnancy. I'm so jealous that your belly's not showing much yet!!! I'm thinking I'll have to go to maternity wear very soon and I'm 7 weeks behind you. Sigh.

pamela s said...

Katie, I could use a ear bud thing from Geoff's MP3 player & stick it on my belly button. :)

Alicia, I think those old wive's tales are funny! I've read through What to Expect, but wanted more info, so I bought Your Pregnancy Week by Week off Amazon for about $5. I love it SO much more because it breaks it down to weeks instead of months, and is a little more detailed. The pics are very helpful too.
Here's a link:

Katie said...

I don't think Geoff would want to use the ear things after that! If mom sends you another package I'll send my head phones for you. I don't use the ones i have, i have the ones from the airplane.

Karen said...

Ahh, the memories. I remember crying like a baby during "March of the Penguins," and also each and every "A Baby Story." I had to go to bed by 10 or so for a LONG time, but then I got a burst of energy, I think around 28 weeks.

I had a little cramping, too, and found stretching to be helpful as well.

One thing we gleaned from our childbirth class was to put 2 tennis balls into a sock and have Nate (in your case, Geoff!) rub them on your back wherever it hurts. Or where it doesn't!

Hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!