Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Survey - Flavors!

What is your favorite flavor of,…

1. Ice cream? Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks

2. Coffee or tea? Neither - I like water, juice & milk

3. Chocolate? White, milk or dark? Milk - especially milk chocolate chips!

4. Milk? Chocolate, plain, or strawberry? 1/4 chocolate & 3/4 white - perfect mixture & not too rich!

5. Gum? Extra - Ice Something or another

6. Toothpaste? Regular paste - no gel for me!!

7. Jelly or jam?


TwoMuths said...

1. Ice cream? anything with coconut - or really, any kind of ice cream

2. Coffee or tea? yes!

3. Chocolate? White, milk or dark? the darker the better

4. Milk? Chocolate, plain, or strawberry? plain skim

5. Gum? I like Extra Polar Ice as well!

6. Toothpaste? Colgate Fresh Confidence

7. Jelly or jam? Jam - the more fruit, the better!

Heather said...

1. Ice cream? Mint choco chip or Peanutbutter ripple

2. Coffee or tea? I used to drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day up until a month i drink neither.

3. Chocolate? White, milk or dark? I am not big on chocolate, but when I want something sweet i love dark.

4. Milk? Chocolate, plain strawberry? When I drink milk it is usually fatfree milk.

5. Gum? Sweet Mint by Orbit gum. I go through that stuff like crazy.

6. Toothpast? Regular Crest cavity protection.

7 Jelly or jam? Strawberry Jam. Which one do you like the most?? I didn't see your answer.

Katie said...

Ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate? White chocolate and milk chocolate
Coffee or tea? Both
Milk? Chocolate is so much better than white milk!
Gum? Spearmint, mom hates that kind but thats my favorite!
Toothpaste? Crest with scope
Jelly or Jam? Jelly

Alicia said...

1. Ice cream: Butter pecan or something with pecans, fudge, and caramel gooey-ness
2. Coffee/tea: Both though I only do 1 cup of java a day now.
3. Chocolate: DARK! It's good for your heart you know. :)
4. Milk: White skim
5. Gum: Never chew it. I'd much rather suck on a cough drop.
6. Toothpaste: Mentadent is my all-time favorite but we just buy cheap stuff these days.
7. Jelly/jam: Jam - homemade with loads of fruit.

ruth said...

1. Ice cream? plain chocolate

2. Coffee or tea? coffee in the morning, tea in the evening after dinner

3. Chocolate? White, milk or dark? milk with peanuts in it.

4. Milk? Chocolate, plain strawberry? white skim and in small doses, I think I may be lactose intolerant

5. Gum? cinnamon

6. Toothpaste? regular Crest paste, not gel

7 Jelly or jam? Jam, strawberry preferred

pamela s said...

Heather, I didn't mean to skip the jelly/jam one. Oops. Honestly - neither. I'd rather have peanut butter or cream cheese or plain toast/bagel. :)

Thanks everyone for your responses!

Ruth, I think I've become a little lactose intolerant also, so I started taking a Dairy Digestive pill. Works wonders!