Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Preggo Upadate - Week 27

I've entered the 3rd Trimester!

~My belly has gotten bigger.
~I'm starting to freak out that we won't be prepared for this little one!
~My friend started organizing a shower for me which freaks me out more knowing that this little one is really coming! (I guess I've been in denial for 7 months!)
~I think this baby is really an ape due to the amount of heartburn I've had. Old Wives' Tale: Lots of Mommy heartburn = lots of baby hair
~The baby's kicking is starting up in my rib cage.
~Geoff finally felt the baby move. We have a nightly jiggly belly session between 8-10pm when the baby is most active.
~Our crib is a pile of wood in our office. Geoff is waiting for one more saw to be able to start cutting it & putting it together.
~The search for a baby dresser is on!
~Labor & Delivery classes are scheduled along with an epidural meeting at the hospital. If you don't attend an epidural meeting prior to giving birth, the hospital will refuse to give you one.
~We're making plans to rearrange our apartment, so there will be room for the massive amounts of things that this little one needs. (How can a little 6-10 lb. person need so much - & I'm not talking about the extras!)


Katie said...

Wow! And epidural class as a requirement?!? That's tough - glad you're making it to the class. You just might want that come a few months! :) Geoff is making your crib? That's awesome - can't wait to see pictures. It IS amazing how much STUFF babies need. Well, I guess a lot of it they don't really need, but it sure makes our lives easier!

Alicia said...

I've never heard that old wives tale! I guess our baby is going to be hairless then. :) Don't worry, you still have lots of time before your bambino shows up! Once you get all the loot from the shower and the furniture arranged, I bet you'll feel more confident!

nate, christina, and connor said...

i've heard that wive's tale before..... but my sister didn't have much heart burn and ava practically came out with french braids. :)

epidural class, huh? i didn't go to the "suggested" hospital tour and classes. $70 bucks! no, thank you! i figured once i got into the delivery room i'd forget all i learned anyway, and doctors go through more than enough schooling to get me through the process. :) don't worry, i freaked out too. i'm sure you'll be more than prepared. and babies sure do sleep a lot through the first month, so the little gem won't even have a clue if you're completely and totally unprepared. haha!

pamela s said...

Yup, Geoff is making our crib, which is partly why I'm a little anxious, but I know it'll get done sooner or later. I do feel better with my pack n play as a back-up!

I think the reality of it all has struck me, so now I feel a great urge to make everything ready!

Our classes are $80, but insurance will reimburse $50, so we took the plunge. The best part is Geoff gets to put on a preggo suit so he can empathize with me. :) There will be pics of that!

Kelly Glupker said...

Wow, the classes at our hospital are all free of charge. I guess I should count that as a blessing. I think it's kinda neat that you are required to take the class on epidurals. When are you taking it? Will you post what you learn?
3rd trimester already? It sure seems to be going fast!

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Epidural class, huh? Pain or no pain. There's your class :-) We didn't go to the childbirth classes, but got a DVD, and it did help, but then we ended up having a C-Section, so oh well. I got really anxious towards the end too, but everything came together perfectly. Praise God for that!! You'll be fine and everything has a way of falling into place!!!

Samantha said...

Congratulations, you're in the home stretch now! I start my third trimester next Monday, and it's definately becoming more real now. Jim and I are both freaking out a little bit as we're realizing how different life is going to be around here. I do know that if the Lord has blessed us with a child than He'll provide us with everything we need to care for him/her.

Alot of people have been telling me that newborns don't need nearly as much stuff as we think they do, but you're right the stuff they do need takes up alot of space, lol. Anyways, I hope everything is going well for you!

Samantha said...

Oh, and as for the heartburn.....I feel your pain! I keep tums with me at all times.