Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Been Awhile

Time is just flying by!! This week we had our Missions Conference at church which was a blessing. These type of weeks are ever so tiring, but you're thankful for the reminder that you need to focus on the Great Commission a little bit more.

Our home feels like a construction zone. We've moved so much furniture around the last month or so to make room for our little one coming. On top of that, Geoff has been working on the furniture projects. Right now in my apartment living room is the following: Living room furniture (entertainment center, side tables, couch, recliner, & glider), our dining set, a large pile of wood (which will magically become the crib someday!), a router table, numerous cords, a couple sanders, portable work table, and the baby's dresser/armoire unassembled due to the current painting job (5 drawers & a door spread across the floor with the dresser itself in the middle of the floor). Our dining room has become a nautical-themed office area brought down from our upstairs 2nd bedroom. It's filled with my desk, a computer desk, 2 floor to ceiling book shelves packed with books, a chest freezer, and a large table saw.
Honestly, I'm too embarrassed to post a picture, so just use your imagination.
Our 2nd bedroom will become the nursery & power tools storage area. I'd rather have the baby be with the power tools when we're finished using them rather than them live in my living room. :) My motto during this tranisition time: "THIS IS JUST TEMPORARY!!" This has been echoing in my head continously as I'm craving to "nest." Vacuuming is impossible when your carpets are covered in newspaper due to priming & painting. But, my bathrooms are nice & clean!!

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Jen said...

Hilarious! I know it must seem crazy but thank the Lord your husband knows how to build all that stuff and is doing it. :) You're looking great! How excited you two must be getting.