Friday, October 12, 2007

Preggo Update - Week 35

  • I've had a couple very encouraging doctor's visits over the last couple weeks. My OB gave me great news. With Gestational Diabetes (GD) a baby can grow quite quickly - too quickly which can lead to an early delivery (induction or even C-Section). Since I've been following my diet, my weight gain is in check, and I have as much a chance to deliver early as a pregnant woman without GD! Yay!!
  • My endocrinologist said I can eat more due to losing a little weight!! Yay!! Since I started the diet, I was feeling full with the amounts she gave me, but this week, I was getting hungry a little more often. Also, I'm down from poking myself 4 times a day to only 2!! That's as low as it goes, but I'll take it!
  • Sleeping is getting a little hard. Someone asked me if it feels like I need a crane to roll over in bed, and yes, it does. It's just hard to be comfy & then stay that way. But only a month or so left!
  • Our dresser has been painted. Geoff needs to add the hardware, and I can start filling it this weekend. I want to make sure the paint "cures," so we don't have to deal with sticky drawers. It looks wonderful - before/after pics to come!
  • The crib will be Geoff's next focus. Each slat has so much done to it, so it'll take time, but we've been blessed with great weather on the weekends so far which helps with the progress.
  • During the Missions Conf. I realized that sitting down for long periods of time is NOT the most fun. Did you know setting hymnals behind your back feel great??
  • The pack n play is put together & ready to go.
  • Geoff put in our carseat this afternoon!
  • I got some great deals at a huge Mother's Market. Onesies for $.50 ea., an Eddie Bauer bouncy/vibrating chair for $10, brand new teethers for the crib rails for $3, and a couple sleep sacks for $1-2 ea.
  • Set my last day of work for November 16 - if I go that far. The due date is Nov. 19. :)
Thanks to Jenny for reminding me to write up this update.

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Liz said...

that's great news, Pam (about the diabetes)!