Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And, We're Off!

On Friday morning, we head to airport again. Little Maleia has been on 9 planes so far in her short life, and she's about to board 4 more in the next week! The church in Wisconsin that is interested in having Geoff come as an assistant pastor has invited us out for a 2nd interview and to candidate this next week. We have a hectic week full of youth activities, church dinners, meetings, and other outings. Well, Geoff will be more busy than Maliea and I will be. We'll hang out, play, crochet, etc.

We're looking forward to it, and I'm just hoping little Maleia continues to sleep through the night like she has this past week! That's right! Maleia has dropped her 2-3 am feeding and we are sleeping solid from 11 pm -6 am. Hallelujah! I was just beginning to get to my wit's end when she started. God does know how much we can handle. :)

So if you think about it, please pray that God's will will be shown to us clearly, and that we will follow His guidance. Also, pray for Geoff as he prepares to preach or give devotions 4 different times during the week. To say the least, we haven't seem much the past 2 weeks as he has been preparing.


Shannon Smith said...

Hope your trip goes well. We'll be praying for you. Get prepared for bitter cold in Wisconsin! We have tons of snow too.

Alicia said...

YAY for sleeping through the night! I remember being exhausted with chloe but it's definitely harder this time around since i can't nap whenever baby clive does. chloe slept through the night at 7 weeks - i'm hoping this guy follows in his sister's footsteps!

safe and uneventful travels to you!

KColas said...

I'm praying for you guys - can't wait to hear how it all goes. Have fun with the girls tomorrow!