Friday, October 31, 2008

From Our Little Pumpkin!

Happy Trick or Treatin'!

Got any candy for me??


Scrappy Mom said...

No candy for you, little pumpkin, but for your mom! You are my winner for the two handmade Fall cards! Contact me by Tuesday, Nov 4th at noon or I will choose another winner.

Scrappy Mom said...

I couldn't find an email for you so I left a comment on your blog, but was bummed you didn't win. May I send you a little something anyhow? On my profile, click on "Email me" and send me your address.

Liz said...

OH MY WORD!! she's getting so big and beautiful! (I must say I think she looks like Geoff a lot.) :)
Can't wait to see her! She looks nothing like the little baby she was.
Thanks for sharing!