Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Friday's Questions on Tuesday

Due to the fact that I was snowed in and up to my neck in flour & sugar with Christmas baking on Friday, I've decided to do Friday's Questions today. Feel free to let me know the answers to them!

1) Do you enjoy letter writing [as in snail mail]? When's the last time that you wrote someone a letter or a note? When's the lasttime that you received something in the mail from someone [not including regular stuff like bills, junk mail, etc.]?
~I'd much rather use email because it's so much faster, but I do send out birthday/anniversary cards out. I'm receiving some Christmas cards lately, about 5 credit card offers come daily also. (Thank goodness for a shredder!)

2) Do you plan to send out holiday cards this year? Why/why not?Do you spend a lot of time on them? About how many holidaycards do you usually send each year?
~I'm sending out my Christmas cards today because it's tradition. Who started this? I think it's expensive & a little nuts during such a crazy time of the year, but it's nice to get the mail! I send out cards to family & close friends, and it adds up to about 40-50, & they all say pretty close to the same thing, not because I don't care, but b/c it's faster to say the same thing over & over.

3) Have you ever had a penpal? Where and when? How long didyou write to them, or are you still in contact with them? What kinds of things did/do you talk about with them? How did your penpal relationship come about?
~ I think I did in elementary school & it lasted 1 letter. But in high school, there was a girl in my church who was my age & took ill. I didn't really know her, but we sent letters through her parents. I did it mainly to encourage her.

4) Do you feel that you have good penmanship? Did you ever have to take a handwriting class in school? Do you prefer typingletters or writing them by hand? Have you ever had yourhandwriting analyzed?
~I feel like I have good penmanship - it's readable, but it's sooo much faster to type!

5) If you could receive a personal, hand-written letter from anyone in the world right now, who would you choose and why? Why would you want a letter from him/her?
~I guess I would take a letter from anyone as long as it was a nice note. :) I'd love to get a note from my hubby! :)


nate, christina, and connor said...

i really should be doing laundry but searching blogs is much more fun!
1. i like getting snail mail...but it's really hard to find time to sit down and write it. i just got a christmas card from my sister! even though she lives right around the corner :-)
2. yes we are sending christmas cards...as soon as the photo machines at sams club are working again...send me your address and i'll ship one over to ya! i usually end up sending about 30--that's the cheapest package of cards :-)
3. i had a penpal in elementary. and it too lasted one letter....i didn't even get a response. i'm beginging to believe that they gave us bogus addresses to write to just to get us interested in writing. it was all a plot to get us to practice grammar.
4. i have hiddeous penmanship...i like it though. it's just hard for others to read it. it's so much easier to type!
5. hmmmmm....i'd want a letter from my friend kara howell. she's a missionary in tanzania, africa and i spent a summer with her. it would be cool to actually have a letter cross the ocean....and make it!

Katie said...

Man, this is a hefty assignment!

1. I love letter-writing! I don't know why, especially since I NEVER receive true snail mail. Probably the last note I wrote was to Michayla in HI. Happily I've been getting some better stuff in the mail, but only because it's Christmas

2. I'm proud to say that I sent my Christmas cards out last week! This is the earliest ever. I spend a decent amount of time on them as I print a letter on Christmasy paper and also enclose a Christmas picture (getting us all together to take a good pic is the hard part). I send about 70 total - including local which is a card not letter. Isn't that crazy? We know way too many people; we have to get rid of some friends next year. :) We have a ton of family though, plus we move every year or two so just keeping making new friends!

3.Never had a penpal.

4.I think I have good penmanship. I remember taking penmanship in 3rd grade with Mr. Williquette. It was so silly - nobody writes cursive that way! :)

5.I do love notes from Chris, which, by the way, he did write me a note a couple of weeks ago when he went away on a trip. But, I would really love a letter from my dad. He used to write me a letter when I went to camp (even though I lived and Northland and went to camp there). He's so affectionate and great at expressing his love for me. He still makes me feel like his little girl, which I unabashedly am!