Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curves Update

I know my workouts are working! Two weeks ago, I was rummaging in my closet & found a pair of pants I forgot that I owned. I had gotten them for $2 at a thrift store. This thrift store is relatively new, and hasn't put together fitting rooms yet. (Honestly, you'd think they would do that before opening. I know I would buy more if I knew I liked how it looked. Oh well!) Anyways these pants didn't fit. Close but not close enough.
Although I was in a rush to get to work, I decided to chance it & try them on. Got both legs in & over the bum. Ok, this is good. Now the button. Wow-it buttoned. The next test - zippin' them up. Ziiippp right to the top. Oh, boy!! Now for the BIG test - the Mirror. Hellooo! I think they fit.
Now for the final judgement.
"Honey, are these too tight in the butt?"
"Nope, they look fine."
"That's what I thought too!!" (Said in very excited tones.)
Hurray! Curves is working!!! And now, I've worn those pants like 5 times just because it feels good. :)

Last night while I was cooking, I brushed my hand across my leg. Then I started poking at it. Goeff is staring at me wondering if I had lost it. I told him, "I'm just feeling my muscle. I have a little muscle!" He just laughed.


nate, christina, and connor said...

pam, you're too cute! good for you....keep it up. it feels great to find muscles, huh? the other night at dinner nathan said my arms looked like they were toning up, and i couldn't stop giggling. i flexed and kissed my biceps. :) hahaha

Kelli said...

Keep up the good work, Pam! I know what a great feeling it is to fit into something that you didn't think would fit. Way to stay disciplined!

pamela s said...

Thanks, Christina & Kelli!

Tina - You made me laugh! Kissing biceps. too funny!

Alicia said...

GREAT JOB, Pam! Keep leaning on God for the strength to be consistent at your exercising! Now, when do we get to see photos of you in these $2 pants?

Jen said...

You are hilarious! Great job!